Friday, February 23, 2018

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Refund Policy

If you are a single picture's buyer you may ask for a refund of your purchase within fourteen (14) days from the purchase date.

If you bought a subscription package you also may ask for a refund within fourteen (14) days from the purchase date, providing that you did not download more than three pictures by the time you request a refund.

Refund is considered only if no use (including comps) was made with the picture/s or video/s.

In case of a refund, you are required to delete all digital files that were downloaded when the purchase was made, if any.

All refunds will be made excluding any bank's (or other financial) charges that might evolve.


We will replace pictures and subscription packages within the above time frames, with no additional charge. We reserve the right to decline replacement.

Replacement is entirely subject to Israelimages' own and final decision, will be approved on a per-case situation, and is not obligatory.

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