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Date : 08/06/2008
Name : Kimberly Kukler
Location : Dunwoody, GA , USA
Message : You are awesome! thank you so much - amazing customer service. Sorry i sent you 2 emails about the problem - I thought I made an address typo when sending it the first time. All photos accounted for - thanks again, Kim
Date : 05/06/2008
Name : Wendy, N. Carolina Museum of Natural History
Location : North Carolina, USA
Message : Thank you! You are the fastest image provider I've ever worked with. you are attentive and responsive, while other agencies are slow and difficult to work with. I appreciate your efforts and hope that someday we'll use Israel Images again.
Date : 27/02/2008
Name : הודי'ה
Location : Israel
Message : אני כבר שעה באתר שלכם, וכמעט בוכה מהתרגשות! התמונות פה מדהימות ברמות שקשה לתאר!!! אתם כאלה צלמים מוכשרים, כ"כ ריגשתם אותי, אני פשוט מודה לכם על החוויה!!! ניסיתי לשלוח לכם תגובה דרך האתר והוא טוען שצריך למלא כתובת מייל, כשלא מופיעה לי תיבה כזו בכלל. למרות הכל- האתר מושקע והתמונות- אין מילים- מרקיעות שחקים. תודה :)
Date : 25/01/2008
Name : אילנה קאופמן
Location : נתניה
Message : מדהים. ובכל זאת... חסרות לי תמונות עכשויות של נתניה. אשמח אם תוסיפו!
Date : 19/01/2008
Name : Dianna Magnani
Location : Cambridge, MA, USA
Message : The collage that I made for my friend, Nir, with the pictures you had sent me was a big hit. It came out beautifully, and he really liked it. I showed it to several people at work, and I got many compliments on it.
Date : 11/01/2008
Name : Cleide Souza
Location : Brasil
Message : I like this site! I remember all the moments when I see the pictures and peoples from Israel. Have a nice day and night (Israel more 5 hours)...Bye..Cleide From Brasil.....
Date : 08/01/2008
Name : Joyce Larmore
Location : Guam, USA
Message : Hafa Adai from beautiful Guam, USA! Thank you so much! These photos will be such a blessing to our presentations!
Date : 25/11/2007
Name : Tim Mahoney, Chief Creative Officer
Location : Minneapolis, MN, USA
Message : Hello, Thank you ... we have received them and will insert the photos into the film on Monday for a showing this coming week. Thanks for the speedy service and my compliments on your site.... it works well.
Date : 17/10/2007
Name : Kim Koteles
Location : Langley, Canada
Message : Hello! Just wanted you to know that we had our GAiN fundraising banquet on Saturday, and everything went really well! We had 300 people come, and they were constantly stopping to look at your pictures which we enlarged and mounted on posterboard (2 of the smaller ones were together on one board, and this was a good solution.) Praise the Lord! Just over 6 figures was raised to help needy men, women, and children in Israel!
Date : 27/08/2007
Name : Robert Roswell
Location : NJ, USA
Message : ...This is for a friend who was born in Israel, then moved to the U.S. when he was a boy. He was very excited when he saw this picture, one of the many he viewed on your site. He said the pictures on your site made him very emotional, in a good way. I think it is great that your site can elicit such pleasurable memories. I think this would be a wonderful surprise gift! Thanks again
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