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Pictures' submission

The site is currently under construction. We do not accept new photographers and images at this time.

We\'ll be happy to get your pictures and exhibit them on our site for sale. The inclusion of pictures is not automatic. Each uploaded picture is examined by Israelimages\' editors and will be added subject to approval. Upon acceptance, you\'ll be welcome to administrate your pictures pictures and manage your account. You will be able to view your sales, make changes in the keywords and captions, view your personal statistics and request payment.

Upload of pictures
In order to proceed with the upload, you\'ll have to read, print, sign and send us the contract. Our address is:
Israelimages, POB 60, Kammon 20112, Israel. Our fax number is: ++972-153-4-9082023.
Without receiving the signed contract we cannot exhibit your pictures on our site. In the initial step you are allowed to upload up to 10 pictures, to enable us to make a decision regarding your submission. Upon acceptance, you\'re allowed to upload more pictures per day according to the following table. The more pictures that you\'ll upload, the more you\'ll be allowed to upload and the higher the royalties that you\'ll earn.

Your pictures on the site






Number of pictures to upload per day






Royalties that your pictures will earn






Technical Aspects
The minimum size for a fully \'opened\' picture is 17MB. Keep in mind that what you usually see is a JPEG, which is compressed (to about 1-4MB).
The image should be at least 2000 x 3000 pixels in size.
The maximum acceptable size is 8MB (JPEG compressed). That\'s the largest that we take.
Ideally, a file should be 3-5MB. In the vast majority of cases, that is large enough and we\'ll be happy with such sizes.

We strongly advise you to use digital camera of at least 8 mega-pixels (or more). It is recommended that you use a professional type of a camera, where the recorded pixels are of higher quality. The choice of a quality lens is as ever essential, in order to achieve superior results.
Always try to photograph at as low an ISO setting as possible. This will deliver the highest \'grain\' quality as well as better saturation of the recorded image.
In principal, the larger the picture\'s size the better your chances to sell it.

We accept JPG / RGB files only. Below are our preferred technical requirements. Larger sizes are obviously even more welcome (up tp 8MB/Jpeg):




photoshop quality

file size


size in inches

size in cm

2000 x 3000



10 or 11

17.2 mb

1-5 mb

6.67 x 10

16.93 x 25.4

No interpolation is accepted. However, minor Photoshop changes are allowed
No sharpening
Make sure to fill in the required fields with as detailed information about the picture as possible
Always view your submission at 100% of its size in order to make sure that the picture is sharp and clean.
We strive for zero-tolerance in quality.

Model release
Pictures showing recognizable and identifiable people must be cleared by signed releases from the photographed persons (\'models\'), allowing commercial use of the taken picture. In case of minors, such releases must be signed by the parents or by the guardian who is legally responsible of the minor. When property is photographed (including animals), there\'s a requirement to get a signed release for commercial use from the owners. Sample release forms that are shown on our pages and may be used as a guide only. These are Adult/Minor release and Property release. It is recommended to learn and be advised by legal experts about all aspects of intellectual property issues.

Further Information
It is recommended that you read the Photographers\' Info where more answers are provided for assorted questions.

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