Monday, February 26, 2018

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Pictures of the fire on the Carmel


The new Israel Museum - the buildings and the courtyard


Alternative energy  -  solar, compost etc.

4 Nostalgia  -  items, household, dresses, books, childhood, music...
5 Qumran - cave #4 - where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found
6 Imam - Moslem holy man, preaching in mosque or appearing elsewhere
7 Community singing, singsong, of any audience 
8 Israelis visiting places overseas
9 Basic bread ("Lehem Ahid")
10 Soldiers during off-duty time (enjoying cafe, disco, restaurants etc.)
11 Rosh Hashanah, all aspects of the holiday (public and family)

Falafel -  eating, closeup of the pita, the salads' selection, general view of the stand

13 Kibbutz life, current or past 
14 All-night shopping, small kiosks or big stores
15 Chaepel of Ascension
16 Motor scooters doing deliveries (stopping at traffic light, riding in busy street...)
17 Ben Gurion airport, especially terminal 3 arrival and departure halls
18 Duty free shopping at the airport or on board airplane or ship (on Israeli carriers)
19 Army: all kind of personal pictures and accessories (shoes, bags, hats, training...), from 1948 till today
20  Karmiel Dance Festival pictures
21 Synagogues - anywhere in the world
22 Jewish restaurants, anywhere in the world, preferable with "kosher" signs
23 Israeli pop or folk singers, portraits or during performance
24 Israeli celebrities from all phases of society (sports, entertainment, business, fashion)
 25 Circassian life in Kfar Kama or Rihaniya
 26 Beggars approaching car drivers near traffic lights and street corners
 27 Exterior architecture of  coffee-shops and restaurants (especially verandas)
 28 Train and railways - passengers, rails, stations, traffic signs
 29 Soccer: players, the game, the crowd, small business operating nearby
 30 Kosher food and Jewish dishes
 31 Havdalah candle
 32 Sabbath challah
 33 Kosher kitchen, showing seperate sinks (for milk and meat)
 34 Moslem wedding in an Arab village
 35 Christian wedding in Israel
 36 Youth graduations of both Moslems and Christians
 37 Ramat Aviv shopping mall in Tel Aviv
 38 Students life on all campuses (universities, colleges), interiors and exteriors
 39 Youth or adults visiting Holocaust camps in Poland
 40 Jewish heritage in Europe: ghettos, synagogues, cemeteries, schools, old age homes, signs, memorials
 41 Book of Psalms
 42 People performing an early morning excercise on the beach
 43 Youth movements: all of them, in all sorts of activities
 44 Christian Baptism of an infant (in Israel)
 45 Hiking and touring in the nature (alone or with families)
 46 Bauhaus architecture (especially in Tel Aviv)
 47 Open air concerts
 48 Family album type of pictures showing lifestyle, dresses, hairstyle, hats, cars, living room, cooking, etc - from 1930 till 2007
 49 Family pictures of circumcision (brit mila), bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, weddings
 50 New immigrants from various origins sharing time together
 51 The White City neighborhood (bauhaus) of Tel Aviv
52 Notre Dame church and the Scottish church in Jerusalem
53 Public buildings in an Arab village or town (school, bank, post office, town hall, etc.) 
54 Nachum Buchman museum in Tel Aviv
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