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How to Caption?

Each picture that you upload must include the following information:

  1. Photographer's name
  2. Caption: what do we see in the picture? - up to 130 characters
  3. Description: enlarged version of the caption, with more details about the people, place, event or other - up to 1200 characters
  4. Place – where the picture was photographed?
  5. Model release / minor release / property release - y/n
  6. Keywords - up to 1000 characters
  7. Date

Write in concise what is the title of the picture. Include only additional brief information if needed. For instance: if this is a picture of the dining room of kibbutz Shefayim, enter the following:
"Dining room in kibbutz Shefayim" (maximum 130 characters).

If in the above sample we can clearly see the vegetarian self-service stand with people filling-in their plates, write the following:
"Kibbutzniks line up at self-service vegetarian counter in the dining room of kibbutz Shefayim" (maximum 1200 characters).

Enter the name of the geographical place: name the city, town, village or other.
If this is a scenic picture, name the regional location: Negev, Galilee, Jezreel Valley etc.

Model release
State if you have in you possession a signed model release. This is crucial information which will let the buyer know what he can use the picture for.

These are the words and phrases that will lead the searcher to find this picture. Use as many keywords as possible, but only relevant ones.
Put yourself in the shoes of the searcher: type in the words that might bring up this picture a result when a search is performed.
If we take the above sample as a case, enter the following keywords:
Kibbutz, shefayim, dining room, food, nourishment, eat, eating, meal, hungry, vegetarian, kibbutznik, kibbutzniks, stand, people, line, lineup, kitchenware...
(maximum 1000 characters).

• If a picture is of an archeological site it's important to add description and relevant keywords to the era. For example, if it's a Crusaders castle, do mention "crusaders" as a keyword, even though we do not actually see a "crusader" in the image.
• If the picture is of a flower where the primary color is blue, then add the keyword "blue"
• Use common mistakes or different words as additional keyword: for instance, names of people or places that can be differently written, such as – majdal el qurum / majdal al qurum / majdal krum / majdal al qrum… and so on. And in person's names: Gidon, Gideon etc…
• Use a keyword that additionally describe the atmosphere of the picture, such as:  funny, humor, humorous, comical, amusing etc

Add the most accurate date the picture was photographed. If unsure, write: "circa 1996".

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