Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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About Us

Israelimages is Israel's foremost picture collection on the Internet. The company was established in 1991 and went online in 1998.

We offer photographers a platform to exhibit their work as part of our collection of images on almost every aspect of life of Israel.

New images are constantly added. We try to show the country and its people 'as is'. There's nothing like straightforward pictures that can "speak for themselves".

The pictures are offered for sale in several sizes and different packages. When purchasing a picture, the buyer is granted usage rights while the photographer retains his/her copyright.

The photographers are both professional and amateur. Each uploaded picture is personally reviewed by our editors. We check the accuracy of the provided information and on occasions we research for additional data.

Among our clients are book publishers, newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, graphic designers, government offices, universities, web designers, games manufacturers, private people, public corporations and others.

In addition to the displayed pictures we are in the process of adding pictures which bear historical significance. Preservation of Israel's early images is an important mission of ours. We also seek imagery of Jewish life from around the world, current and historical. Any contribution will be warmly welcomed and the contributor will receive royalties if and when his picture is used.

Israelimages is located in Kammon, in the Galilee.


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